Googling “The Internship @ Google”

Today, I watched a movie “The Internship”. I won’t judge this movie as MOVIE. Instead, it’s a life lesson to all the fellas who are planning to do intern anywhere. It maybe Google, Microsoft, Apple anything.

This movie shows the positive aspects of Google. I mean, Google have really cool infrastructures. Everything you want. Second is the working environment. It feels me like they are playing with their gadgets rather doing serious coding stuffs. Third, I loved Google Campus. I mean its like a dream campus for me. Hope same campus were in Nepal. Yeah! It’s just a hope. FINGER-CROSS. Who knows Google wants to build the same Campus in Nepal? Aha… just an imagination. But, who knows..he he 😀

True facts about the movie ” The Internship

  1. Google didn’t write up the script, rather Vince Vaughn (Writer or Screenplay) came up this idea.
  2. Google didn’t pay for the movie.

Are you excited to watch this movie. Then, go for it guys. You won’t regret it. I am DAMN sure.

If you are wondering who is Vince Vaughn, then have a look the following pictures.

Vince Vaughn
Vince Vaughn

TIPS: This tip is for my all Nepali viewers that, you may have some questions. Are there any Google Group in Nepal? Of course, we have and we have the Google Developer Group situated in Kathmandu a.k.a GDG Kathmandu for more info. The person behind this group is Mr. Bhupal Sapkota  Salute to you bro. I haven’t met you, but I will be glad to meet you. May be at the next GDG Dev Fest 😀

I will be happy to read your comment. Have a wonderful day ahead buddies or Googlers. 😉