Google I/O Extended 2016 | KTM – Live, 18 May

Google I/O Extended Kathmandu

GDG Kathmandu, GDG Birgunj, and GDG Dang (GDG Dang is sub-community of GDG Birgunj) are jointly-organizing a very first event Google I/O Extended 2016 | Kathmandu LIVE on 18th May, Wednesday. It’s a night event, which include a viewing party of Google I/O 2016 happening at Mountain View, California. Ms. Sovita Dahal will be representing the conference from Nepal. This event is Supported by Google, Sponsored By Api Technology Pvt Ltd and Picovico.

The main objective of this event is to bring all those developers community around different cities at one place and experience the I/O together.

What are I/O Extended events?

Google I/O Extended events are focused on bringing the local developer community together to experience the keynote and other main Google I/O sessions, in real-time. They also offer other unique activities targeted to developers, such as hackathons and codelabs.

Taking a note with the agendas, organizer have planned very precisely to cover all the latest tech activities happening globally. Below are the main topics for this event.

Tech Talks includes following topics:

  1. Moonshot : Ideas and understanding
  2. Project Loon, Google Self Driving Car, Project Makani, Project Ara, Project Tango, etc
  3. Machine Learning: Tensor Flow, Google Cloud AI

Hackathon/CodeLab/Games includes following topics:

  • Chrome Cast
  • Cardboard Everest Trip (VR) + Cardboard Trip: Seven Wonders of World (VR)
  • And some of the topics that will be announced in Google I/O.

Event Timing:

7:30 PM to 8:45 PM : Dinner Time

8: 45 PM to 10:30  PM: Tech Talks

10: 45 PM onwards : Live Streaming of IO 2016

Around 2 AM: Code Lab/ Open Hackathon

Event Type: FREE

Venue: Api Tehcnology Pvt. Ltd. , Devkota Sadak, Mid-Baneshwor, Kathmandu

Official Event Page: CLICK HERE

Venue & Team Leader




Team Leader


1 Kathmandu

Api Tech, Mid-Baneshwor

Mr. Saroj Dhakal

Developers Meet + Live IO + Hacakathon LINK



CAN-Morang Office

Mr. Amarendra K Yadav

First IO extended event at Biratnagar: LINK



BPC, Murli Bagaicha

Mr. Dipesh Kumar

Full Day event



Ambikeshwari College, Ghorahi, Dang

Mr. Niraj Bhusal

Details: LINK



Nepathya College, Butwal -10

Mr. Niraj Bhusal

Details: LINK

6 Kathmandu

To be announced

Ms. Sovita Dahal

Only after Sovita Dahal returns from USA

7 Kathmandu

GDG Kathmandu

Mr. Suresh Ghimire

To be announced

Note: LIVE streaming of Google I/O Extended is happening in Kathmandu & Biratnagar simultaneously at specific venue. Do remember, 18th May is the start of the series, and will be concluded by GDG Kathmandu at the end of June/July. Please free to reach either of the person via facebook or email.

If you can’t attend the above event. Then, no worries. We will be also streaming the LIVE video of Google I/O 2016 here in BlogorTech too. Keep in touch. CHEERS!