Google announced Love your language Translate-a-thon Campaign in Nepal


Google, has announced a new campaign named “Love your language – Translate-a-thon”  in Nepal. It’s main objective is to organize the world’s information, make it universally accessible and useful. It will also play a vital role in reducing the language barrier for Nepali speakers on the web, at home and around the world.

Interesting facts about Google in Nepal – Translate:

  • Launched in December 2013
  • Nepali is the top growing language ( out of languages launched over the last 2 years)

Whenever, we translate from English to Nepali language. It’s obvious that we find some mistake. But, the million dollar question is that “Have you send the feedback to the Google for further review for that specific word?” So, to solve that problem, you must know about Google Translate Community. I guess, few of you have heard about it. Don’t you?

Google Translate Community, a free crowdsourced translation tool, works with just few clicks or swipes on a mobile phone, tablet or laptop, and even just a few minutes can help millions of Nepalese around the world receive better translations.

Today, I will explain in step-wise on how to contribute to Google Translate Community. Are you guys excited?

Step 1: Click on Get Started


Step 2: Sign-in with your Google Account


Step 3: Select at least 2 languages that you know fluently and click on save


Step 4: Two ways you can help to improve Google Translate Community


Step 5: Time to contribute to translate community


Google Asia Pacific’s Amy Kunrojpanya, Head of Public Affairs & Communications for New Emerging Markets, explained, “We believe Google tools in the hands of our Nepalese users can help build a web that works for this country, its people and the Nepali language. We’re introducing the Love Your Language campaign to open up the technology that powers Google Translate to communities passionate about their language in Nepal. Working together we can improve the understanding and quality of Nepali translations, which in turn can help preserve and promote Nepalese culture and language online.”

I am pretty much sure that you will love Nepali language as much as I do. Hence, Let’s build a vibrant community so that translations between English to Nepali language is qualitative or polished as ever before. If you are a Nepalese translators, language experts and language lovers then let’s grow together.

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This event is happening across the Kathmandu city in various locations  from September 21 – 30, in partnership with Language Technology Kendra and more than 40 local academic institutions, organizations and businesses. Even if you can’t make it to an event, you can still join the fun online at

So, if you would like to organize the Love your language – Translate-a-thon campaign in your college, then do comment below. I will forward your request to concerned authority. CHEERS!