Get your hands-on with First Nepali News Crawling App – NTyles

NTyles, is an android application, which helps you to get updated with your favorite website and topic. Then, you may have a question. What’s the difference between RSS Feed reader application and a crawler application?

To make it short. Let me explain to you in this way. The RSS reader application, is simply a content fetcher which is in .xml (Extensive Markup Language) extension where as, crawler application, lets you gather a specific news on a particular topic. For instance: If you want to know about Marketing, wait, just Inbound Marketing. Then, this app will helps you to gather the content from various websites focused on a particular topic that is Inbound Marketing. So, Isn’t this productive?

User Interface / User Experience:

It’s UI is inspired by Windows Theme, where you can adjust the size of tile accordingly, which is quite interesting. But, in UX part, I miss out the introduction part. Basically, about Crawling, where many of the app users don’t have knowledge about this feature. Also, changing the wallpaper of tile is hard. Hope in the next update, it will have easier way to change the wallpaper of tile.


  • Real-time News update on specific topics
  • Supports Multiple Languages
  • Personalize News Experience


According to the developer of this app, Mr. Mubin Shrestha, this app will be able to get all information from any of the shopping sites or your favorite sites out there. Hence, the user can get all the information about any product from a single app. This will save a lot of time and money. He adds, With many online job portal sites, many job seekers miss most of the job opportunities and it is a hell of the time consuming and tedious task. Targeting job seekers group may find this app productive, to get in touch about any job posted in any of the user specified job sites.

So, this app can be useful for researchers’, students, business professionals, and other users, where they can use this NTyles app, for real time content aggregations.

Download – NTyles from Google Play Store

It’s time to get your hands-on with this app. If you have any questions or feedback while using this app, then you can comment below. CHEERS!