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shark tank nepal

What is Shark Tank?

Shark tank is for the businesses that are already generating revenue and seeking investment to scale up their business. The entrepreneurs need to present their data related to their business seeking investment in return for a certain percentage of the business’s equity or debt.

How does it work?

Applications will be called once the date is finalized and the investment-seeking entrepreneurs/businesses need to submit the required documents.

Initial screening will be based on the application and reports submitted. The selected businesses will be called for the first round of interviews….

The business that will be featured on the show will be shortlisted and the business owners are required to pitch the idea before the investors. The businesses need to offer stakes of their companies against the investment they are seeking.

The sharks can make counter offers and the negotiation can go on until the deal gets cracked. The business owners should be well aware that not all business idea gets the deal. If they could not get the sharks convinced, they will have to return empty-handed.

The sharks, however, can offer to help and support any particular business with or without making an investment.

Who is it for?

Shark tank is for the businesses that are already generating revenue and seeking investment to scale up their business.

What are the requirements to participate?

The business has to be registered and the founders need to be Nepali citizenship holders.

Who will be the Sharks?

The sharks will be some of the renowned business persons who have already established themselves as a successful business owner.  The list of the sharks will be revealed soon.

How much investment can you expect?

The investment decisions will be made based on the following parameters.

  1. Valuation of the business made by the founders.
  2. The volume of revenue being generated in the recent months.
  3. The target market of the business.

The journey of the businesses that get funded

During the pitch, as informed earlier, there could be multiple offers and counteroffers between the sharks and the entrepreneurs.

Once they agree on a deal, they will have meetings on or off-camera regarding the degree of involvement of the sharks in the business. The involvement will be completely be based on the agreement between the two parties. The show has nothing to do with how the sharks will be involved once the show is over.

The entrepreneurs, if want mentorship and guidance besides the investment from the sharks can make such offers and agree to move forward. That is again subject to the availability and willingness of the sharks.

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