Gboard for Android now offer suggestions for Nepali Language using Machine Learning

gboard for android

In latest update, Gboard for android enable suggestions for Nepali language and other additional languages. All thanks to Machine learning which makes this thing possible.

Enable Nepali Language

To type in Nepali language, you need to enable Nepali Language which can be done by going to settings then Language and Input. After that, Goto Virtual Keyboard, tap on Gboard – Languages – scroll down to Nepali. Then, it will automatically download necessary resources. You can follow the steps as described in above illustrations.

Nepali Language Suggestions Demo

Now, let’s see what Gboard can do after recent update in above demo.

Beside Nepali Language support, Gboard for android has got text editing mode. This mode is for easy cursor control and the ability to select text, cut, copy, and paste right from your keyboard.

Gboard Tips: You can move the cursor by sliding your finger back and forth along the spacebar, or delete by swiping to the left from the delete key.

To use above feature, you need to update Gboard for Android from Google Play Store. Let me know, how useful the suggestions features for Nepali language is, in comments below. Don’t forget to share this recent important updates with your friends. Cheers!

For more info: Google Blog