Google Business Group Kathmandu to host GBG BizFest 2019: Join Nepal’s Biggest Startup Meet

google business group kathmandu gbg bizfest 2019

Bringing experts, dreamers, and players from the technology, business, and other industry sectors together for one-day sessions, workshops, and quality showcases.

Google Business Group Kathmandu, a community of business professionals is all set to host GBG BizFest 2019, Nepal’s biggest startup meet on Saturday, January 5. This is the first of its kind technology and business expo in Nepal and is being organized in main collaboration with Khalti.

The main objective of GBG BizFest 2019 is to bring together entrepreneurs and startup-founders from around the country in a single platform. Developers and representatives from the majority of Nepal’s most popular Android apps are expected to participate in the event.

Speaking about the concept of organizing the event, Amit Agrawal, Manager of GBG Kathmandu says,

“GBG BizFest is an annual event happening in different countries throughout the world. We are excited to host this event for the first time in Nepal and bring all the emerging startups under one umbrella. Through this platform, tech-entrepreneurs of Nepal will get an opportunity to learn new strategies and expand their businesses with the Google technology. In this event, we are expecting the participation of entrepreneurs, business professionals, developers, students, and anyone who has interest on Google and its services.”

There will be more than 100+ startups, app developers and tech communities of Nepal participating in GBG BizFest 2019 promoting their products and services. GBG Kathmandu is expecting to bring more than 3000 people in the event.

Experts in the industry will deliver various workshops as part of the event. Participants will be given a hands-on opportunity to listen to leading individuals in the industry, who will talk about various topics, ranging from Google’s suite of tools of online marketing (including Google Analytics and Google Ads) to growth hacking in modern organizations.

To the delight of budding entrepreneurs in the country, the event will have a stall dedicated to Google My Business. Startups can get themselves enlisted in Google’s business ‘directory’, which can help them in two ways: Customers would be able to find the business and its details (such as location, working hours etc.) much more conveniently and furthermore, the startups’ websites would gain much more chances of appearing on the first page of Google Search Engine Results Page (SERPs), which would effectively mean that their website would get Search Engine Optimized automatically.

GBG BizFest 2019 is free to attend event for the public.

Event Details:

Date: Saturday, 5 January 2019

Time: 10 AM onwards

Venue: Galaxy Public School Premises, Gyaneshwor, Kathmandu

Entry: Free

About Google Business Group Kathmandu

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