First VR Developers Meet Successfully Conducted in Nepal

With an increasing trend of Virtual Reality (VR) in tech industry. Young geeks are showing Interest in VR development.  Hence, to connect this growing community of VR Developers and also to inspire more students into VR projects, IT Meet 2016 organized First VR Developers Meet on 30 April 2016 at IT Park, Banepa, Nepal. The meet was aimed to introduce students and interested visitors about VR development which lasted for about an hour. In addition to, the event was also served to connect VR developers and initiate VR developers community.




  • Mr. Sheetal Kumar Maharjan, Developer at Leezard Entertainment presented about VR Development Basic and his experience with developing VR games
  • Mr. Kaushal Wagle, Co-founder at Kaaikaas talked about his experience in developing a VR app at NASA Space App Challange
  • Mr. Bobby Basnet, Co-founder at Semantic Creation talked about Web VR, Web VR application and a-frame library.

There were about 40 participants with majority of Kathmandu University (KU) students. The participants got an opportunity to grab the basic knowledge on getting started with VR Development and how to get started with it which is not that difficult as thought.

Consumer level VR technology is relatively a new field which is growing rapidly and undergoing and adapting lots of changes which makes it an exciting time for VR development. A strong community could further help exploration in the VR Development.

Above information was accumulated by one of the speaker; Mr. Bobby Basnet, who was former president at Kathmandu University Computer Club (KUCC). He is also the initator of VR Developers Community in Nepal.