First time Google Day Celebrated in Nepal [EXPERIENCE]

IMG_20141203_210533Last Saturday, first time Nepal celebrated a Google Day which was organized by Google Business Group (GBG) Kathmandu at Moksh, Jhamsikhel, Lalitpur. The major attractions were hearing the success stories from IT professionals about Nepali apps and apps exhibition outside the Conference hall throughout the day.

Ms. Eric Hanson, who is the Developer Relations Program Manager, Southeast Asia, Google were invited as Guest Speaker. Her presentation was on Material Design.


To share about my experience after attending this event was I got the opportunity to network with different IT professionals. It was a really fruitful day for me. I met with Aakar dai for the first time and chit-chat about blogging and event that I want to organize in my college. Talking about Aakar dai, he is Sr. Marketing Technology officer at CloudFactory and Blogger at Aakarpost.

Secondly, I met Prakash dai, who is Co-founder at NepFlights and also Ambassador at One Young World, Open Knowledge Foundation Network Nepal. He shared with me his student life and how he was active in college life. He motivated me to follow my dream and unique path that I am making. It means a lot to me.

Thirdly, I met Samrakchan dai, who is Co-founder at BirthdayForest. I couldn’t recognize him first due to his unique look. It was a pleasure to meet him. The first time that I met him was when me and my friend went to plant a tree at Pharphing as Community project.

The list may go longer. So, I would like to wrap it up and would like to share about Apps that I loved which was presented at Google Day.


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The word ‘Opinio’ was coined from the Latin word ‘Opinion’ which means a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.

When I talked with the participants, they are going for Global Startup Battle 2014. KUDOS to the Team!  Here is the short video about Opinio




You can vote the team by clicking here! All the best to Team Leader Chandan bro and his members. Hope to see you guys win the battle. #GSB2014


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I liked the idea of Ritiriwaj app. Basically, ‘Ritiriwaj’ is a Nepali word for ‘Tradition’. As we all knew, Nepal is rich in culture, tradition, language, ethnic, caste, religion and many more. So, these guys are trying to aware about tradition to young people who are living their life with iPad or freaking technology.

I talked with Manish Shrestha, who is the team leader and developer at Ritiriwaj. He said that many young people like us are not aware about our own tradition. We people don’t know about how the ritual is performed. So, with the help of Ritiriwaj app, it will aware about our rich tradition and share what kind of materials are required to perform these rituals. I will share more when I got the app invitation from Ritiriwaj team. Till then, you guys watch the following videos:


2 Tech Blogger from KTM.
2 Tech Blogger from KTM.

Lastly, this event made me to Network with different IT professionals which I liked a lot. Once again, I would like to Thank to the organizing team, i.e. Google Business Group, KTM.