Facts Nepal App Launched: Adding Value to Your Decisions

Facts Nepal app, is a mobile application, where you can get facts and figures of Nepal in different categories; Health & Demographics, Politics & Social Affairs, Agriculture, Environment & Energy, Tourism & Transport, Science, Technology & Communication and lots more. One of the interesting stuff about this app is that all those facts in different categories are presented in an Infographics form.

Talking about FACTS, which is an independent research and analytic service-provider that adds value to your decisions through scientific information based on primary data, research, and analysis.

The major drawbacks about this app is not having the features to save those Infographics for offline use and share those Infographics to social media. Hope this features will be available in next update. Nevertheless, you must check out this app. There are lot more informative stuff which has been curated just for you.


Let me know your views on experiencing this app. For that, comment box is just right below. CHEERS!