Explore the Stunning Himalayas with HoneyGuide Apps [APP REVIEW]

Carrying a Guidebook while trekking is outdated unless you know about HoneyGuide Apps. You can go native with this apps, which basically provides pool of relevant information such as; List of Lodges, Maps, Placecards, Safety Tips, Gears Checklists and lots more. I must say it’s a well-researched app.

“With what we are providing, the planet will not be lonely anymore.” – says Mr. Ashish Shrestha, the Co-founder of HoneyGuide Apps

You won’t believe me when I tell you that this apps is available in OFFLINE. Yes! You hear it right. It doesn’t need internet connection to access the information. So, no need to worry about the network connection. Feel free to explore the Himalayas with the HoneyGuide Apps.

Without much further a do. Let’s get started.


User Interface / User Experience (UI/UX):

It’s UI is pretty cool and considering the UX part, there is problem so called “Unfortunately the apps have been stopped”. It doesn’t feel good when the apps crashed in middle while you are looking in the maps. Isn’t it? But, yes, it’s just one drawback that I have encountered till now and I am optimistic that it will get fixed soon. There are plenty of other useful features that you must check it out.

Features: star-four-11-jpg

  • Embedded with rich information such as; Maps, Lodges, Climate, Geology, Religion, Livelihood, Wildlife, Post-earthquake information and many more
  • Safety tips: Health Services in Nepal, Medical Kit, Rescue contacts, Insurance, Altitude illness, Traumatic injuries and other hazards
  • Deviation alerts – Never get lost again
  • Avalanche / Rockfall alerts – Be warned, Stay Safe
  • Climb Alerts – Know when to rest
  • Mountain Finder, List of Best Places to check out, Placecards, Gear Checklist and lots more

Usability: star-four-11-jpg

If you are a travel freak or want to explore the new places without carrying the heavy guidebook, then this app is just for you. So, are you ready to go native with HoneyGuide Apps?

Currently, there are three apps under HoneyGuide Apps that you can download it for free until December 2, 2015. After that, you need to pay for this app. So, Buckle up and download it immediately.

In the meantime, if you want to know more about HoneyGuide Apps then, don’t forget to watch the following video. Also, you can connect with them by sending an email at honeyhunter@honeyguideapps.com