Explore Your Favorite Restaurants and Grab Best Discount Coupon Code From Bhoj App [GIVEAWAY]

bhoj app

Many restaurants’ residing in the alleyway of Kathmandu cities may get unnoticed due to lack of proper information. Cases like; some restaurants are launching their new promotion schemes with huge discount but you don’t know about it, some restaurants serve the best food but you don’t have any idea where that restaurant is. There are many other cases where we couldn’t discover the restaurants we are looking for. Hence, what would be the solutions for this problem. Are you thinking about going manually in each restaurant and finding what kind of food and schemes they provide? Then, don’t think that too much. We are going to talk about that special app which will solve the problem that we are facing. Let me present ‘BHOJ’ app.

Bhoj app, is an one stop mobile applications for all the foodies in Nepal, where you can search for your favorite restaurants, get food delivered to your home or office, get awesome deals when you dine-in at the restaurants, read and post restaurant reviews, explore restaurant menu, earn credits to your BhojWallet and many more.

Earn Credits From Each Order Placed: BhojWallet ? 

Basically, Bhojwallet has two functionalities. One is every time you order using Bhoj app, certain percentage of an order amount gets credited to your Bhojwallet which you can use to pay for future orders. And, another is if you refer a friend, when your friend orders using your referral code for the first time, you get credits to your BhojWallet. Hence, BhojWallet is like cash which you can use to pay for orders. For instance: If your total bill is Rs.500 and you use Rs. 100 from BhojWallet. Then, you just have to pay only Rs.400.

Key Features: 
  • Get food delivered from your favorite restaurants: Choose restaurants ”Within zone” to get delivery in minutes! There is no minimum order. You can order as much or as little as you like.
  • Earn credits to your Bhoj Wallet every time you order: When you have enough credits, you can use them to pay for your next order. How cool is that!
  • Grab Free Deal from Bhoj App and get awesome discounts: When you visit the restaurant. Simply show saved deal in the app to the restaurant and find savings in your cravings!
  • Make a decision based on user ratings and menu: Explore user ratings and restaurant menu in Bhoj App before ordering or dining in. If you would like to give your feedback to the restaurants, go ahead post your feedback in the app.
  • Use Advanced Sort & Filter and Near: Functionalities to explore restaurants near you based on your preferred cuisine or location.
  • Refer BhojCode to your friends: Your friend will get discounts when they order using your code and you get more credits in your BhojWallet. So, start sharing and saving!

Unique Selling Point (USP) of any food delivery startup are; quality food, timely delivery, best customer service, coupon schemes and personalized services. Bhoj app has advocate one of the above important USP that is; coupon schemes which is totally new to Nepali foodies. This feature can scale up user engagements and user retentions. But, for other USP like; quality food, timely delivery and customer service. You have to start exploring an app.

As you may have noticed, we have a giveaway to our viewers in this post. Any guesses? Well, let me present discount code (sponsored from Bhoj app) where you will get 15% discount of total order amount after you enter discount code “BHOJBT” in the checkout screen of Bhoj App. Exclusive Discount code will be valid till 15th July, 2017 (Saturday). Also, you will get credits to your BhojWallet. Isn’t this amazing? Don’t forget to share this discount code with your friends. 

Without much further delay, start exploring Bhoj app and save your penny using above exclusive discount code. 

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