EmBlood – Life Saving App [REVIEW]


I found this emotional saying somewhere in the internet. “The blood you donate gives someone another chance at life. One day that someone may be a close relative, a friend, a loved one—or even you. “

With that note, today I am here to review that special app which will help someone’s life or even yours too. That app is EmBlood.

EmBlood is a new app in google play store which is a product of Techroadians Offshore Base (Mr.Manoj Bhattarai is a co-founder of this company). When I asked him to explain about EmBlood in brief. He said “This app is very simple, one can search donors nearby and tap to send them notification, SMS or a call.”

So, let’s dig out its important features.

Home Page | EmBlood
Home Page | EmBlood

1. Health Tips

Health Tips |Emblood
Health Tips |Emblood

EmBlood provides health tips on various diseases which can be helpful to you while you have confusion about the procedures to follow.

2. First Aid

First Aid | EmBlood
First Aid | EmBlood

If you don’t know the exact name of the disease, then you can search it in your own word. The above example shows about head injury.

3. Search

Search |EmBlood
Search |EmBlood

Not only this you can search the blood donors who are closer to your location and notify them through SMS. In this initial phase, you will find few donors. But, hoping to see more blood donors in an upcoming update.

DOWNLOAD this app and save a LIFE by donating a blood.

Do share with your friend circles about this app. CHEERS!

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