Election Commission of Nepal Launched Official Mobile App

Election commission of Nepal has launched official mobile app and call center simultaneously. Major objective of this mobile app and call center is to make local level elections tech friendly and distribute the transparent information regarding elections effectively.

  • Election Program
  • Send SMS Event
  • Voter No. Search
  • Voter Information
  • Polling Location/Center
  • Voter Education
  • Candidate Information
  • Election Results
  • Media
  • Dual Language Support (English & Nepali Language)

Election Commission Nepal (ECN) is one of the crucial body of Nepal Government which has sole responsibility to conduct, supervise, direct and control the elections of Local level and others. ECN is also responsible for preparing and providing the information on voter list, election results, polling center, candidate information and others. Hence, this sort of important activities can be performed efficiently and transparently with the help of technology. It’s a great initiation done by Election Commission Nepal.

Later in the day, ECN App should act as a communication channel by pushing relevant content and information to the various stakeholders.

Download – Election Commission Nepal App from Google Play Store

In addition to, if you have any queries and feedback regarding local level elections. Then, dial this toll free number: 16600144222 to get an answers instantly.

Let me know, what do you guys think about Election Commission Nepal app in comments below. Cheers!