DWIT Music Club Presents Aawaz 1.0 | Call for Participation

DWIT music club presents “Awaaz”, an online recording competition in association with Lishn. First of all, you must record your song & try to get maximum views/listens on lishn.com to win prize worth Rs 8000. This event is an open contest, so anyone can participate. For that you must follow the instructions.

Mr. Anmol Shrestha, President of DWIT Music Club, explained briefly about an event;  the main objective of this event is to explore the next best artists and promoting upcoming local artists. Similarly, interacting with Mr. Aayush Shrestha, Co-founder at Lishn, we built Lishn, as a platform for the artists that are looking for one. This event does exactly the same, for the artists that are still under the rock, yet to be found. We are very happy to be a part of this event.

For Registration CLICK HERE. Don’t forget that the registration is OPEN till 14th April, 2016. The competition will end on 30th April 2016 and the winner will be announced and contacted on 1st May, 2016.