Hobby Turned into Complete Digital Solution for Abroad Studies – Univhub App


Are you in dilemma choosing right universities according to your interests and grades? Are you facing a trouble regarding an university application process? If your answer to all the questions is YES. Then, keep on reading. Something special has been cooked for you.

Back in fall of 2016, Ujjwal Mainali, was applying for further studies in different US universities. At that time, finding a right set of information on application process, matching universities according to qualification, interests and grades and applying individual universities was very time consuming. Due to lack of information and proper guidance, he lost his one year. Between this gap, he and his brother Ashim Mainali began to collect the data about almost 7000 universities as hobby which later turned into an app which helps to all students who are applying for further studies specially in US and Australia.  So, time to introduce an Univhub app.

Basically, what this app does is that. It helps students with college application process on the basis of interest and grades. In addition to, it provides crucial information about universities and helps to clear dilemmas regarding the application process. Also, you can track your application status and documents. So, it offers a complete digital solution for abroad studies.

  • Search Universities
  • Apply to universities
  • Expert Advice via Help Desk
  • Track documents and know about of application process
  • Articles and News

Talking to BlogorTech, Mr. Ujjwal Mainali, CEO at Univhub, said, “One and only way to bridge the gap between different universities and students is to provide in-depth information which will help student to make wise decisions regarding application process, documents, and others.” He adds, “Students are always in dilemma regarding universities’ application process. Hence, it is not just about information about universities, but also about how to be prepared to apply different universities and when to start.” 


While making a decision regarding abroad studies. Core activities you should perform is to grab as much as information on selected universities, application process, verification process, different tests and documents to be attached. With Univhub, you will get all those information at one spot and act as like digital education consultant. In an initial phase, it may not provide complete information that you are searching for but it’s a worth app to download and try.

Few suggestions to Univhub app developers are firstly displaying list of selected Embassies with office hours and lastly features to alert students for preparing for visa interviews.

If you have any feedback regarding Univhub app then drop it in comment box below. Cheers!

DOWNLOAD – Univhub app from Google Play Store