Digital Governance For the People – Bringing Perceptions, Expertise and Experience Together


Hackathon, was incredibly famous when giant companies like; Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and universities like; MIT, Stanford, Princeton organize for the first time and other tech communities in general. It is all about bringing like-minded and skilled human resources together where they will discuss and focus on solving real life problems.

With an aim to bring people together to collaboratively work on problems that real on-going digital governance projects running in Nepal are facing. Digital Governance For the People ( जनताको लागि डिजिटल सरकार ) is going to be organized here in Nepal.


Hackathon Objective:
  • Bringing together the Technological community and the various bodies of governance from different ministries and development sectors of Nepal
  • Create an environment where the participants can discuss and work on real issues government
  • Minimize the gap between tech community and government bodies
  • Provide tech solutions for ongoing real projects to government bodies
  • Enhance effectiveness of government services and processes
  • Make a better nation which is technological advance and work hand in hand with general public for the betterment of whole nation

Unlike other hackathons, where the participants work on their own ideas, problems and solutions, this hackathon will be a little different because the projects and problems will be put forward by the organizers and the participants shall be allowed to choose which project that they want to be involved in.

During the event, participants will be focusing on building or designing a solution using or regarding to technology, which will fall under one of the following categories. The categories that the participants will be working on are as follows:

  1. Civic Engagement:
    Hello Sarkar; is a hotline established by the Office of Prime Minister and Council of Ministers of Nepal Government with the objective to receive and record the grievances of the general public.

    Problem Statement: 
    There has been a decline in trust and enthusiasm in the general public regarding their participation in Hello Sarkar program due to the lack of ease and transparency in tracking and monitoring issues and holding people and institutions responsible.
  2. Digital Accessibility:
    Web Accessibility Guidelines for Nepali WebsitesPeople with Disabilities are one such groups that have barriers to information because of inaccessibility of the medium that contains the information.
    Problem Statement:
    There is a lack of defined guidelines and standards for government bodies while disseminating information in digital formats, which often are inaccessible to people with disabilities declining them from their Right to Information.
  3. Journalism:
    Fake News Alert; the epidemic of fake news published by shady news websites and portals has been in an exponential rise recently. This has subjected a massive portion of the population to misleading and false contents purporting to be real news, leaving the users misinformed and susceptible to political propaganda and other mischievous intents of these fake websites.
    Problem Statement:
    The widespread usage of social media platforms like facebook, twitter, youtube, etc., has fueled the epidemic virality of fake news content and websites in recent times, which is hampering the credibility and effectiveness of the websites and online media that are actually trying to put real news and content on the internet.
  4. Education:
    National School Information;  Department of Education of the Ministry of Education of Nepal Government has been running a massive data collection project, where the department has been gathering data of students and schools of more than 35,000 schools from all over the nation.
    Problem Statement:
    The Department of Education possesses a massive collection of data about schools and students from all over the country which can be used to provide valuable information to the general public so that they can make informed and smart decisions.
  5. Financial Technology:

    Financial Awareness App; 
    With the belief that the key to fighting poverty is for people to learn how to manage and handle money, and have the confidence, knowledge, and responsibility to spend and earn it responsibly and that it must start from childhood.

    Problem Statement:
    There is a lack of accessible materials and mediums regarding financial literacy in most parts of the nation, which is preventing a majority of the population from making appropriate personal life choices about financial issues and understanding consumer rights and responsibilities.

To achieve this, organizing team will be partnering with people involved with digital governance projects that are on going and figure out their problems before the event.

Why this Hackathon event?
  • Lack of proper communication between tech community of Nepal and concerned Government bodies
  • Lack of Expertise
  • Lack of Proper Methodologies; due to which the result has not been as effective as expected.

However, if we look at the Tech Community of Nepal, we can find very talented individuals and companies who are familiar and experienced with modern tools , technologies and methodologies with the capability of performing work similar and sometimes even better as compared to the first world countries; but these experts often have the wrong impression of the issues due to the lack of proper information and/or exposure

During the 2 day hackathon, 5 selected projects related to the 5 different categories will be put on the table, and 5 teams will work on them together to find a solution and build a prototype or an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) of the solution.