Developer Circles Kathmandu Hosting Flagship Event: ‘HACKDAY’

Facebook’s Community Challenge is currently happening worldwide, Developer Circles (DevC) around the world will be hosting ‘Hackdays’ in their specific cities to celebrate the flagship event, the Community Challenge. To celebrate the Community Challenge, Developer Circles from Facebook will be hosting ‘Hackday’ in Kathmandu.

Developer Circles Community Challenge is a three month-long online hackathon that allows developers to create solutions for developers that either improves their coding skills, makes them more productive coders, or fosters community with other developers. The hackathon runs through November 20, with over a dozen prizes totaling $165,000 in award. It was started on September 5.

Basically, Hackdays are just like regular DevC events, but with more focus on the Community Challenge, where developers will be able to meet, hack and learn from each other. More information on Developer Circles Community Challenge and in-person Hackdays can be found on the Challenge site.

You can refer to Facebook Developer News for more information. For now, reserve your seats here.

Join DevC Kathmandu on Friday, November 3 to find a teammate for the hack, meet other developers, and collaborate. More details can be found on DevC Kathmandu Hackday event page.