Crisis Call Baudha: Nepali Apps review #AndroidOS #iOS

Crisis call is a Nepali app which was developed to report criminal activities directly to police using your mobile devices which have Android OS and iOS. Great effort. This technology shall reduce the criminal activities. Concerned department should initiate this technology. If you want to try it out. Then here is the link:

For Android OS

For iOS:



Message from developers:

Crisis Call is an application that can be used at the time of crisis by reporting the crime directly to police instantly using a mobile device. Your reports will be delivered to Police Operator directly and they will follow you back to your location on the basis of the information you have provided on the report.

You can report different kind of Crimes like Hit & Run, Robbery, Assault, Kidnapping. And if you are not sure of the crime type, then you can report a crime as a General Crime. That’s not all, we have a cool feature if you are the victim and you need help from Police you can send / report an emergency report.

This app is for general public residing in the Baudha, Kathmandu, Nepal. Your reports will be delivered to the Application Operator of Baudha Police Circle, Baudha. After your report has been registered, immediate action on your report will be taken.