Convert your smartphone to wireless mouse and keyboard [APP REVIEW]

One day, when I was giving a presentation about Software Engineering in my class. I was bored to change the slides frequently. I wish I could have a wireless mouse so that I can control the slides irrespective of location.

With that frustrated note, today I came here to write something about converting your smartphone into a brand new wireless mouse and keyboard so that it will help you while giving a presentation to your fellow students or your classmates. So, here it is.

There is an app called Android Mouse and Keyboard in the play store which makes your smartphone to wireless mouse and keyboard. Isn’t that cool? Let me share its awesome features:

  • Standard keyboard and mouse with scrolling
  • Ability to hold ALT , CTRL and SHIFT for combination keys
  • Numpad with mutifunctional keys
  • Connect using Wi-Fi  and Bluetooth

Disadvatages of this apps is that it works flawlessly when you connect through Wi-fi but it works little bit slow when you connect through bluetooth. I hope this will be fixed in next update.

My review to this apps:

Fullscreen capture 8132014 52432 PM.bmp

Here is short demonstration about this apps:


Installation Tips:

After you have installed this app on your smartphone. Next thing, what you have to do is go to this site and download AndroMouse server which meets your OS platform. Basically, it will be in .jar format so you must have installed java and java runtime environment. Now, double click the jar file and you are ready to connect your smartphone which enable you to control your desktop or laptop.

Another thing, why I love this apps because this apps has been developed by a Nepali whose name is Mr. Suraj Bhattarai. I haven’t met him yet but if I met him I would surely congratulate him by making this awesome apps. KUDOS to Nepali Developers.

If you like this app, then don’t forget to share it. Keep in touch. Have a wonderful day ahead.