Chitooo App: Earn Points For Facebook Posts and Redeem at Partner Stores for Exclusive Deals

chitooo app

If I tell you that now you can get points from every kind of Facebook posts you did in your time-line then how will you react? I think you will be excited. Right? Let me go straight to the point.

Chitooo app lets you grab points for every kind of Facebook posts (status, selfies or check-ins) which can be redeemed at partner stores for exclusive offers and deals. While you may earn 10 points for a status update, you will earn 100 points if you check-in at Chitooo’s partner store with your picture. Both users and the stores can equally benefit from this app. Users get more value, while Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) get more customers

Major objective of Chitooo app are:
  • Making online marketing available for SMEs of all shapes and sizes in Nepal
  • Connecting the right user to the right stores or restaurants
  • Establishing a favorable eco-system for SMEs, lower the cost of acquiring new customers, and retain these customers

Talking with BlogorTech, Mr. Saujanya Acharya, Co-founder at Chitooo Mobile App share about his startup journey so far.

Idea Generation

Whether it is a restaurant or a clothing brand. We are directly or indirectly influenced by friend’s facebook post for that particular brand or stores. Chitooo evolve through several research here in Nepal and abroad and saw the huge impact on social media presence. When we look at some of the popular restaurants or boutique in town, they do have a good social media presence. Now that might be a chicken and egg scenario. These scenario created while deciding which of two things existed whether popularity of restaurant caused the social media presence or social media presence of restaurant caused the popularity
but we can’t ignore the relation. Hence, we wanted to create a platform where we incentive users to talk more about the local business on social media.

Target Users 

Currently, target users for Chitooo app are those who are active on Facebook in Kathmandu. We are starting with focus on youth and young adults, but that will gradually expand.

Posts and Points

We want our Chitooo app users to have a gaming like experience by posting on facebook user will “earn” points. Using those points, you can buy coupon. For instance; its something like how you “earn” coins on temple run, and buy lives, power and others. With Chitooo app points users can “buy” deals around them and get the benefits instantly. Following are the points you get from an app.

– Status Updates (10 points)
– Tagging Friends (+ 5 points)
– Posting Photos (+10 points)
– Check-in at Partner Stores (+40 points) and 100 points will be earned by posting Status with Photo and Check-in


When we were in alpha, we did not have any categories because user base was very limited to a niche target market. But, now we are in public beta so we have added four categories. However, as we move ahead, we will even break down food and drinks to several categories, entertainment will have more categories and so on.


After eight months of development and testing in the valley, the team grew from co-founders of three to 15 plus energetic youth. With a pilot launch conducted amongst roughly 1000 students in the valley during June, the mobile app is now available for download as a Public Beta in Google Play Store.

If you have any feedback or suggestions for Chitooo app then you can drop it in comment box below. Also, don’t forget to share about this app with your friends. Cheers!