Now You Can Buy Viber Out Credit using eSewa

buy viber out credit using esewa nepal

Messaging app are not just limited for sending and receiving text, stickers, voice messages and so on. It has an ability to do more productive work than that. With viber app, you can make a call to any number at a cheaper price and be in touch with your loved ones.

Viber, is a free messaging & calling app which lets you connect with your friends and families who are residing in different part of the world anywhere and anytime. It has 711 million unique users around the world, and in context of Nepal, has 4.5 million people who are using viber app.

With this growing user base, viber has integrated with eSewa (an online payment gateway of Nepal, which helps to make an online payment, pay utility bills, receive money or set up a merchant account) for buying Viber Out credit.

You can buy viber out credit from both eSewa web and mobile applications. For complete guide, CLICK HERE. 

Download Viber app for Android and iOS now. Don’t miss an opportunity to talk to your friends and families anywhere and anytime.

Download eSewa app for Android and iOS to purchase viber out credit in super easy way.