Meet the Six Businesses Selected for the First Batch of NEXT Launchpad

next launchpad first batch

M&S NEXT Venture Corp. announced the first batch of NEXT Launchpad, a 4 month long mentor-ship driven business accelerator program. A total of 230 applications were received for the program, and after many rigorous rounds of selection the businesses that have been selected represent a wide variety of industries.

Over the next 4 months, the businesses and their founders will go through a transformative journey in which they will refine their business models, get expert help from successful entrepreneurs, network with all major stakeholders of Nepal’s business community, and get access to funding. The selected founders can look forward to being mentored by many seasoned and successful entrepreneurs like Ananda Tuladhar, Shailendra Raj Giri, Biswas dhakal and many others.

Let’s get to know each business that were selected for the first of NEXT launchpad.

1. Danfe Solutions:

Danfe Solutions is an IT company and the creator behind RestroOrder. RestroOrder is a full-fledged restaurant management system developed to smartly manage all the major functional departments and respective daily activities of any restaurant, food-court, coffee shops, and similar entities.

2. Home Automation:

Home Automation was founded to simplify life through technology. This technology, enables you to control your security system, surveillance (CCTV), energy management etc at a touch of a button via your smart phones and tablets.

3. Eton Technology:

Eton Technology provides innovative, user-friendly products that covers all the digital needs of any schools, at an affordable price. It’s flagship product, Sajilo School Manager, is an app based school management system that fulfills the academic and administrative needs of any schools and colleges. It connects parents, teachers, and students for a collaborative approach to improving education.

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4. Farm to Fingers:

Farm to Finger’s mission is to improve the lives of rural people in Nepal through appropriate market creation for profitability of the Indigenous high value Products and by promoting the community-based farming & people friendly practices

5. NPAC:

NPAC is a horticultural based company which works to promote kiwifruit cultivation, procurement, export and management throughout hilly and Himalayan districts of Nepal.

6. Margo Nepal

In 2015 Margo Nepal Pvt. Ltd. started as a Royal Marpha Suppliers, a trading company with the purpose of selling organic juice produced in Marpha. It gradually evolved to Margo Nepal which now is a company based on beverages. It refines fruits grown in the country itself and further processes it to make premium juice. It serves to provide 100% natural juice to the consumer.

In an official press release, M&S NEXT Venture Corp. shared, “These selected businesses will be accessed to our signature programs; Brainfast, Venture Talk, Venture Walk and Venture Blend. We believe the next step in Nepal’s entrepreneurial ecosystem begins as these six innovative businesses start their journey towards accelerated growth through NEXT Launchpad.” 

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