Clock b Business Innovations is all set to organize Business Networking Hours

Clock b Business Innovation, is going to organize “Business Networking Hours”, which is specially crafted as networking event with different business professionals from different backgrounds. It is a platform for building professional connection, for providing mentoring, for promotion of interesting concepts, business, products, services and even yourselves. The major objective of this event is to celebrate togetherness, industry and people.


Start Date: Wednesday, June 29, 2016
Time: 9 AM onwards
Venue: Hotel Yak & Yeti
No. of Participants: 450

The major highlights of this event are:

  • Restless 60
    This is a speed networking session of 60 minutes in which you would meet the professionals of different background, in speed.
  • Online Thread Mentoring
    This session is designed to help you pitch your queries. Introverts or extroverts we all have our queries right? So ask the mentors your cunning questions.
  • 1 Business 1 Promotion
    This session is a thematic business promotion session in which you meet a business with its unique theme. Most importantly, this session will be aired live on Youtube.
  • Business Card Zone
    This session is business card exhibition session where companies and professionals have their business cards showcased. Business cards have long been a powerful tool to connect. But has it lost its charm? Well, even if it has; let us re-invent its power.
  • Pre-assigned Meeting
    This session is where you meet who you want to. You need to inform us about your networking requirement prior to the event so that we’ll match you with the right people to network with. It is our customized networking session.

This event is designed for Employee or employer, NGOs or for-profit-organisation, Government or private institutions, Medical representatives or volunteer workers, designer or marketer, start-ups or large firms, everyone needs to know about everyone. So attend to know and get known. If you are working or starting soon, then we strongly recommend you to attend this event. Widen your networks, to strengthen your business and career.

You can register from this website for this event. Alternatively, you could either contact Clock b Business Innovation at 01-4426267/8 or drop in an e-mail at Or you could also contact Mr.Bijendra Shah, at his mobile 9851213403, or drop him an e-mail at

Download the Business Networking Hours Event Kits