12 Business Ideas Presented in Udhyami Seed Camp: Women Edition

Udhyami Seed Camp, a five day long intensive bootcamp where aspiring entrepreneurs come to Learn, Network, Gain Exposure, Attract Seed Funds, and Kickstart Entrepreneurial journey was successfully held at Bac Art Cafe. It was an effective platform to turn ideas into businesses.

Below are the 12 business ideas presented in Udhyami Seed Camp: Women Edition with respective team members


Team: Sujeena Sakya, Rujina Joshi and Supreme Pradhan

Nepal have various amazing places that haven’t yet explored due to the lack of genuine information and strong travel community. Suru aims to develop a travel community where travelers can shares an authentic information of unexpected places of unexplored places of Nepal via websites and link up to the rural to the urban.

Engineers for Nepal

Team: Rohit Tiwari, Ram Sapkota and Nisha Dahal

Professionally Rohit Tiwari is an engineer and in between his studies. He founded Engineers for Nepal which is a web platform that connects Engineering service seekers to Engineering service providers in Nepal. It works when someone requests for Engineering services, then Engineers for Nepal will collect and compare price & quality from thousands of companies and provide best three quotation to potential users.

Dkarmastha Pvt. Ltd

Team: Shriya Karmacharya and Nikesh Shrestha

D. Karmastha is a marketing service provider company, which provide marketing service to startups, small business and tech companies. Services like digital marketing, web ads as well as offline services- event collaboration, cold calls and others are provided by this startup.

Once in a Lifetime Events

Team: Carmen Ribeiro, Swikriti Koirala and Julia Ramos

Once in a Lifetime Events, is an event organizing idea and help event organisers to create events that are good for the people, the planet and the profit. They offer training, mentoring and consulting services through an international network of facilitators. In addition to, they transmit outstanding knowledge and cutting edge tools on 4 key areas: Innovation & Disruptive Project Design, Strategic Sustainable Development, Stakeholder Lifechange and Economic Regeneration.

KD Group

Team: Dilbhakt Maharjan and Kalpana Maharjan

KD Group, is stepping towards in expanding family business of producing mustard oil. They want to make full utilization of oil and incorporate with recent trends. Main products of KD Group are; massage oil and cosmetic oil.


Team: Subhadra Rijal and Michael Ghimire

Service Startup Buda Budi provides door-to-door laundry service which aims to be an one-stop solution for complete laundry needs at an affordable cost.

Oho Servicing

Team: Sujeet Regmi and Shruti Wagle

Oho Service Centre is a service business providing scooter and motorbike repair service in Kathmandu valley. The market research conducted by Oho service showed that the customers are facing three major problems; time constraints for servicing, dealing with unprofessional technicians, and post-delivery aftermath.  In order to resolve this problem, they came up with the unique value proposition of the service center that is pick and drop facility. It is all women operated workshop to cater the needs of female customers of age group 20-40 years specifically students and working professionals. It provides a high-quality maintenance service through an experienced and trained technician to ensure the riding safety at an affordable price.


Team: Sweta Mahota, Rohit Poudel and Madhav Rijal

TechGenX, is working on a smart wheelchair that can be controlled through smartphones. They have build Hybrid wheelchair, which is a cost effective mobility solution for 2 lakh plus people with the physical disability. It integrates both the mechanical and electrical models to tackle the road conditions of Nepal. They also provide robotics workshops for school and college students too.

Bikalpa Community Center

Team: Mahima Singh and Saroj Mahato

Bikalpa Community center intends to open a community space, co-working space, cafe & bar and cultural hub around Nepal. Preferably at least 10 places at a time in Nepal.

Sroth Code Games

Team: Bishal Manandhar, Uday Bikram Gurung and Rizma Joshi

Sroth Code is the Gaming Company that envision to make Pure Nepali Games and Go Global. It aims to establish mobile gaming company based on Nepal, planning to develop 20-24 Games in a year and providing unique services; Digital Marketing Via Mobile Games. Team intend to generate revenue via the in-house games that includes sponsorship ads, google ads, and product games that can be made for different brands. Sroth code games are the folks behind Haku Run Game. 

Pure Joy

Team: Somat Adhikari and Binita Pokhrel

Team Purejoy, is food and beverage company, aim to set up the winery to produce variety of wines from the fruits produced in Nepal. Instead of stainless steel tanks, they will use claypots (qvevri) made by the people of tharu communities in Dang and also use Nepali Oak barrels made by the people from Rolpa to produce the excellent quality wine. The casing of the wine will be made out of bamboo plants. The specialty of Pure Joy’s product is the quality. They have social causes associated with the project and their goal is to establish a vineyard resort.

Kitab Trade

Team: Prabhat Giri, Panas Subedi, Rina Tamrakar and Prince Ghimire

Kitab Trade, which intend to work in conjunction with high schools throughout the valley to provide students with course books. Kitab Trade aspires to work in the educational sector and that is the reason why they came up with the idea of Mero College Books. With Mero College Books, it compiles the textbooks into bundles for each student based on their requirement, provide considerably at discounted prices and also deliver those books to the college and homes.

Being a young aspiring entrepreneur, I perceived the positive vibe and energy of team members that participated in Udhyami Seed Camp. All I want to say is Keep hustling. Let me know, which business idea clicked your mind in the comments below. Cheers!