4 Best Nepali News Aggregator App That You Must Download Now

nepali news app

Before jumping to the main topic. First, let’s understand what News Aggregator App is. Basically, it is an application which collects the news from various sources in one platform. It helps to consolidate many websites into one app that can show the latest information at your fingertip.

Now, without much further-ado, let’s get start to explore best Nepali News aggregator app for android.

Naya News

Naya News app automatically searches, classifies and lists Nepali news from multiple reliable outlets and keeps you updated with the current affairs with ease.

What we like: Flat User Interface, Remove repeated news, Auto-categorization of news

Download Naya News for Android

Muluk News

Muluk app offers current news classified with proper categories and sources with visually enriched user interface and no sponsored advertisements to ruin a news reader’s experience.

What we like: Top-notch User Interface, No advertisements, Breaking News Alert

Download Muluk News for Android 

Hamro News & Magazines

Hamro News & Magazines allows global Nepali community to read national daily and most popular Nepali magazine at the comfort of your smartphone.

What we like: Access to over 10 most popular Nepali publications, Instant notification when a new issue is added, Optimized for smaller mobile devices and slow data connection

Download Hamro News & Magazines for Android 


inHeadline app delivers the news in just 60 words which save your time and data. Exploring different news is simply swiping up and down.

What we like: Unique user interface, Latest news in 60 words

Download InHeadline for Android 

Surprised not seeing your favorite news aggregator app in above list? Drop your suggestions in comment box below. Cheers!