Batti Aayo ! [APP REVIEW]

Batti Aayo! is newly introduced android app in google play store which shows the current schedule of load-sheeding in a creative way. I think we all are really hooked up this word “LOADSHEDDING”. Right? Sad to say, we are compelled to sit in the dark for 11 hours.

There are lots of apps which show the schedule of load-shedding like; Nepal Load-shedding Schedule, even latest Hamro Patro bundles the load-shedding schedule. You may have a confusion how this app is different than above apps?

Keep reading. You will get the answer.

What I like?

  1. User Interface (UI)
    It’s UI is completely amazing. Developers have nailed it. I mean its so creative and innovative way to see the load-shedding schedule.

    Batti Aayo!
  2. Theme
    This app even offer couple of themes to choose from. Isn’t it cool?
    Batti Aayo! [THEME]
    Batti Aayo! [THEME]
  3. NO ADS!
    Believe me, this app doesn’t irritate by showing pop-up ads which I am sure you guys will love it.

What I want to see in the next update?

  1. Alert message
  2. Nepali Font support
  3. 12-Hour Timing
  4. Changes in widget

I like the name of this app “Batti Aayo!”. I tried to translate its name to English. Then, Google did like this. Just for fun.

Powered by: Google Translate
Powered by: Google Translate

Are you still reading my blog? Come on! Try it yourself. Click here! to download this app.

After downloading this app, you can comment it if I missed out something. Keep loving and sharing my blog. CHEERS!