Autolife Nepal [APP REVIEW]

The Autolife Nepal app, which provides efficient searching features and rich content such as; National and International news, articles, etc., that you need to know before buying any vehicles. It is also an effective platform for both buyers and sellers.

Autolife Nepal App | Welcome Screen
Autolife Nepal App | Welcome Screen

1. User Interface / User Experience (UI / UX) 

It has magnificently clean and user friendly layout. Though, there is some problem while fetching the information in YataYat section. May be its server issue. It’s just the tiny problem. Hope they will solved it next update.

Autolife Nepal App - UI
Autolife Nepal App – UI

2. Features 

Lots of features are loaded in Autolife Nepal app. Some are as follows:

  •  Latest updates on news, offers, new vehicle prices, auto loans and insurance.
  • Comparison tool allows you to compare the dimensions, performance, engine, transmission, dynamics and fuel capacity of any two vehicles.
  • Find the nearest workshops, banks, showrooms, petrol pumps through their location services features.
  • Buy and sell second hand vehicles directly from your phone for free

The Autolife Nepal app is a majestic tool for automobile enthusiasts, which keeps them updated with National and International news.

3. Content 4.5-star

One factor that your app makes quality is content. I would say content is king to any app. From end-user perspectives, they seek to access the useful information from specific app. And, Autolife Nepal has been successful by providing impressive content which deserves 4.5 stars

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Don’t forget to give us your feedback on using this app and if you like it do share with your friends too. CHEERS!