7 Common Qualities of an Entrepreneur – Are you qualified?

Believe that you can succeed and you will. Success means different things to different people. Success means a better life, income, and freedom. Success means winning. The very goal of a being human. Everyone wants to be successful, no one probably wants to live a second class life. However, success is not a matter of one’s intellect, but includes ones use of available intelligence and his hard work.

Entrepreneurs aren’t an exception, you can have all the fancy products and machine to work for you, but the end comes to one, it’s about the people,  it’s about you. So we come for the first success character for being an entrepreneur:

  1. You recognize and understand smarter people than you:

For the sake of simplicity, let me take you through an example, say your organization is a complete bike, it has wheels, fuel tank, engine and seats. One is not complete without the other, its just another pair of wheel. Now, as a bike lover, we know that the more we customize the bike the better its performance over the time, so,  a simple thought, our organization is like a bike,  recognize people, listen to their ideas, surround yourself with better than you, and for goodness take care of them like we do for our bike, don’t put sand in the fuel tank. After all, we are to ride with the bike to reach a destination.


  1. You are never satisfied!

Entrepreneurs are really never satisfied people, they want more coming their way, be it cash or you just name it. Like a virus, however, it’s a good one, this habit ensures that your organization keeps growing.


  1. You know P. O. D. S. C. C. L. M:

The management term where, P stands for planning, O for organizing, D for decision making and can you figure out the rest. An entrepreneur also knows a manager, we are managing people after all and we need a well-defined process to get us there to our destination and withstand the harshest stages in our market. The thought here is, like we make a cup of tea, boiling water first, then add tea  leaves and some sugar and rest, there are a definite process that we need to get through for getting things done, more or less of the content is our choice,  fix a recipe and we can consistently get similar results.


  1. You evolve and accept challenges:

It’s like playing basketball, you have to have new ways of doing things time and again, see the market, there are always challenges and opportunities waiting for you, can you evolve to take it to the next level!


  1. You bounce back:

When Mohammad Ali was training, he in one of his public opinion said, he thought “I am the greatest, I am the champion”. And kept repeating till he got in the ring, before even in the ring he was a champion outside, he also said,  “you may have the belt, but i am the champion”, so during the fight he got beat up, remember successful people fail more than what it seem, and the time when he was beaten, he said ”it is not just my skill but a bit more will that kept me going”, I stood up one more time and fought again, until the day he was truly a legend.


  1. You don’t make excuses:

Remember the last time we Nepalese gave this a thought, we tend to make excuses every now often, maybe not all of us, but we know that it’s there, as an entrepreneur, we need to get things done and now, not tomorrow or later, now, if staffs can’t do it get involved with them, remember dreams are not those we see when we are asleep but that takes it away. Get up and catch yours. Don’t take excuses, say i need a solution.


  1. You have high self-esteem, and believe  that  you  control  your  own  destiny:

Entrepreneurs  also  have  self  esteem  and  the  extent  that they  personally  controlled  their  future,  rather  than  fate  or  luck.


Remember, there are more talents than what has been written here, covering all of them is impossible, at the end an entrepreneur is inside all of us, just waiting to get his call, can you wake him up, explore your hidden self.