5 Ways You Can Grow Your Creativity in Content Writing

Writing is a very specific and complex process. It is specific because, until recently, there was no other way to record one’s thoughts and ideas but to write it down. Thanks to this invention, today’s people can have an insight into Aristotle’s contemplation and read about customs from thousands of years ago. Writing is also a complex process because people often have to express their opinion on a concise and interesting way, and that is much harder than it may sound. Besides this, in almost all of the cases, there is a certain form and specific set of rules that have to be applied, which often additionally complicates the situation.

There are some common issues for all of the essay writers, no matter what type of content you are writing, such as the creativity block, the lack of inspiration, or more technical problems (for example grammar and spelling). In the text below, pieces of advice on how these issues can be overcome will be listed.

1) Grammarly

Everybody that writes makes mistakes. When an idea comes to one’s mind he must write it down and elaborate it as soon as possible, simply because it can vanish in a blink of an eye. This is exactly why it is problematic to stop at every word just to make sure that it is written properly or that a particular sentence is grammatically correct. By doing this, one will probably lose his focus from the idea. However, there is a very simple way to resolve these issues and to remain focused on the creativity part. After the content is written, one can simply attach his paper to Grammarly app, and, in a few seconds, it will point to all of the grammar and spelling mistakes.

2) Thesaurus.com

Besides grammar and spelling, there is another common problem for the authors. It often happens that a person uses the same word twice or more times within a few sentences. Although this cannot be considered as a technical mistake, it does diminish the quality of the content. Fortunately, there is a simple way to find a synonym for almost every word imaginable; all one has to do is to type the word for which he wants to find the synonym into Thesaurus.com and it will automatically provide a whole list of similar words. This way, one won’t waste time trying to come up with an appropriate missing word.

3) Hemingway app

Sometimes it happens that in the process of writing one doesn’t notice that his sentences are not written in accordance with syntactical rules. A sentence can often be grammatically correct but it may not sound “natural” and can be difficult to read. By using the Hemingway application, one can resolve this problem, as this app will detect not only grammar and spelling mistakes but also all the sentences that are not structured in a proper way.

4) Never submit the first version

After the content is written, it should always be read at least once, as there are probably some mistakes that haven’t been noticed and that can’t be detected via these apps (for example, the same sentence has been repeated twice, or the whole paragraph have been excluded). There is simply no way to spot these mistakes unless the paper is read carefully. Although it may take a little time, this way one will check the whole content and will make sure that there are no any mistakes.

5) Make frequent breaks

Some people believe that you should write your content in “one breath”. However, this is not a very good idea, especially in the situations when the content should be interesting and original. In order to provide this kind of content, one has to be concentrated, focused, and restful. This is why one should make frequent breaks during his writing, as this will probably increase his attention, especially if these brakes are spent in a physically active way.

All of these pieces of advice have been shown as very successful ones. Authors can use different tips, depending on their writing issues. However, one thing is certain – with these tips, hard work, and dedication, the success is guaranteed.

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