11Beep Beta [APP REVIEW]

11Beep is an application where you have the freedom to share whatever you want, nobody will judge you. You simply post it. You may have a question that where the hell you get the freedom on social media? Yeah! This question is obvious.

Now, I will tell you. FREEDOM is what in 11Beep?

Whenever you post anything in 11Beep you have an option to be posted as public user or as an anonymous. You don’t need to be worried or afraid of sharing any post. It can be politics, love, current affairs and others. Not only this, you can set a time for your post. So, after that particular time, your post will automatically deleted from 11Beep main server. Even developers don’t know about the anonymous post.

Right now, this app is in Beta stage. Hence, I am sure, developers’ are busy on adding new features. Let’s wait.


Let’s welcome the founder of 11Beep in BlogorTech. He is Mr. Bimal Maharjan. KUDOS! To his idea.

You know what, when I was taking a snapshot of 11Beep UI in my mobile for blogging. I found out that their images are DRM protected. I was like BEEP! DRM means the Digital Right Management. So, feel free to use this app and even no one can take the snapshot of your post. YOU ARE THE BOSS!


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