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I got the opportunity to observe the Ritiriwaj (रीति-रिवाज) app in Google Business Day Event at Moksh, Jhamsikhel, Lalitpur. I was fascinated with their app idea. Then, I discussed with the team leader of Ritiriwaj app. He was Mr. Manish Shrestha.

I asked him about what motivation that drives making this app. Then, he shared an inspirational story. Many children are using the technology for fun. They know more about Angry Birds than their own rich culture. So, why not make an app in which they can discover the culture on their own. They will know what kind of materials are required to perform the specific rituals. They can be updated with upcoming events with their history, significance, interesting facts.

I promised my viewers that I will review this app. So, today I am here to review it.

Ritiriwaj app [MAIN]
Ritiriwaj app [MAIN]

1) Calendar events:

RitiRiwaj App [Calendar Event]
RitiRiwaj App [Calendar Event]

With this feature, first you can get in touch with the upcoming events and second you can get lots of information about the history, significance, interesting facts and scientific meaning of particular events.

2) Personal events:

RitiRiwaj App [Personal Events]
RitiRiwaj App [Personal Events]

You can add your customized event date in the personal events. For instance; I added my own birth date and it pop-up a new event list like below. Similarly, you can add your relatives, birth date and keep updated.

RitiRiwaj App [Event List]
RitiRiwaj App [Event List]

Other two features i.e RitiRiwaj e-Market and RitiRiwaj games are not in function right now. Hope it will be available near in the future.

Here is a small video about RitiRiwaj App.


Source: Ncell App Camp Twitter Account. @AppCampNP
Source: Ncell App Camp Twitter Account @AppCampNP

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