Yellow Nepal – GBG Stories Challenge [VOTE]

Source: Google Images
Source: Google Images

Yellow Nepal is a startup company which provides a location based search engine service. For example; If you are at Thamel. Then, with the help of Yellow Nepal apps will show the lists of restaurant which is at Thamel. Isn’t it cool? Not only this, it also shows different event, deals and offers available at different restaurants, cafe etc. This app not only helps to fill your tummy, but also assists to save your expenses too.

I am glad to see different startup companies are making their own fame in national and international platform. Among them, Yellow Nepal is at  a Top 9 position on the Google Business Group (GBG) stories challenge. To know the finalist of GBG stories challenge. Then, Click here!

I really appreciate the idea of location based restaurant search service. This is the unique and different taste to the foodie which changes their traditional way of searching the restaurant. Hats off to Mr. Anish dai  and his team.

To appreciate the outcomes that Yellow Nepal has delivered to the end users. First time, Nepal is celebrating a Google Business Day.

Source: Goole Images
Source: Google Images

GDay (Google Day) Nepal is basically a Meetup for all business representatives and technology professionals to share information on Google for Business. Additionally, there is a Mobile App Expo where particularly Nepali Android app developers will show demos of their apps. This event will also help to network with IT professionals and corporate sectors.

Now, let’s hear the story of YELLOW NEPAL.

Yellow Nepal teams need your precious VOTE to stand out in global competition. If you are wondering how to vote these guys. Then, simply like the YouTube videos.