Top 2 Best Nepali Keyboard app that you will love for sure



Nowadays, typing on your smartphone is quite easy and convenient; which is moreover connected with what sort of apps you choose to type. Right? So, to drive your attention directly to the topic. This post will helps you to know about the different Nepali typing keyboard, which will make your typing experience even more easier and accurate.

Let’s start with one and only purely Nepali crafted keyboard i.e. Hamro Nepali Keyboard. It has crossed 1 Million downloads in google play store and has also set a remarkable hallmark in the Nepali app industry, which is really appreciable and KUDOS! to the developer team.


Hamro Nepali Keyboard, offers three options to type in Nepali i.e. Unicode Transliteration, Madan Puraskar Pustakalaya (MPP) Romanized and Nepali Traditional. Most of the time, I prefer Unicode Transliteration and does my typing job pretty easy and fast.

To enable and make it as your default keyboard. You need to follow the short guidelines, which is available after you install it on your Android powered device.


Download Hamro Nepali Keyboard from HERE.

I guess few of you know about the next Nepali language typing app, which is from Google team. Without much further ado. Let’s meet with an another awesome app, i.e. Google Handwriting Input.

Google Handwriting Input, is a dynamic keyboard app from Google, and it’s super easy to write in Nepali language, for that you just need to scribble in handwriting area. Basically, this keyboard implements four technologies. To name it; Large Scale Language Modeling, Multi language Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Large Scale Distributed Networks and Nearest Neighbor Search in Google Correlate. Right now, it supports 82 languages. If you want to get detailed insight about each technology then you can see the official post from Google HERE!


But, for now, I would like you to focus on enabling this keyboard with simply 3-steps which are as follows:

Step 1: Enable Google Handwriting Input


Step 2: Download languages

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Step 3: Select Google Handwriting Input


After successfully completing above each step, it’s time to try out. You may have a question that, What happens if my handwriting is not so good? To get an answer to this question. First, you should try out this app and you will get the answer itself.

Download Google Handwriting Input from HERE.

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