Finally, I got an invitation for an app named Inbox by Gmail. I was desperately waiting for that golden invitation. So, today I want talk about Inbox App.

Inbox App is another product of Google Inc., which is more or less like Mailbox. It is redesigned of traditional mailing app. Redesigned in the sense that how we deal with mail. For an example, I got an email from an event. Inbox App will help to snooze that particular mail and help us to remember at a particular time. It’s like; To-Do list which is a great feature.

I tried this app for 4 days and YES! I am loving it. User Interface is focused on Material Design which is eye catching. Each and every part of design will make you mesmerize. But, besides that this app only runs when you get an official invitation from Google. 

If you are wondering how to get an invitation for this app? Then, you are right place. I would personally invite the TOP 3 viewers on the basis of the first come first comment. So, what are you waiting for? Comment fast and gets the opportunity to get invited. 

  • Well seems like m in the right place.. Send me invitation 😀

    • You are very lucky. Reply with your e-mail ID? I will send you the invitation ASAP.

    • So, here goes the invitation. Enjoy the apps and don’t forget to comment how do you like?

  • Thanks always ur blog came in handy 🙂

  • Pleasure dude! Do share with your friends too. 😉

  • arun

    Thanks for you review. Any invites left..? 🙂

  • Goran

    Does inbox by gmail app work with microsoft exchange server?

    • Hello Goran ! Inbox app currently works only with Gmail. But, maybe in upcoming days or updates it will work with Microsoft Exchange Server too. For that you need to wait.

  • Steven Sellors

    Any Inbox invites left? I’m a desperate man.

  • Yes ! I have. Reply to me your email ID? 🙂

    • arun

      arunkom at gmail dot com. Thanks.

      • OK. I will invite soon. And yes don’t forget to share my blog with your friends. 😉

      • arun

        Got it. Thanks a lot.

    • Steven Sellors

      Reeeeeally??!! You’re going to invite me??!! No way!!!

      • Sorry ! I don’t have any invitation left.

      • Steven Sellors

        Noooooo! Thanks anyway.

  • Suneel Kumar

    Can you please send me invite to Inbox…Email :

    • Sorry Suneel ! Finish the invitation.